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Premium Rate Numbers Cheaper for Mobile Callers

0900 Premium Rate Number Rates


As of July 2013 there will be an end to the extra costs for calling premium rate numbers, such as 0900 numbers, from mobile phones in the Netherlands. This was announced by the Dutch Ministry for Economic Affairs last week. Moreover, after June 2014, providers of premium rate numbers will no longer be allowed to charge customers extra costs per minute. With this decision the Dutch government aims to bring more clarity to the measures that were announced by the Dutch regulatory body for telecommunications, ACM, in February of this year.

In an ordinance issued by the ACM in February 2013 the Dutch telecom regulator announced that from July 2013 mobile providers will no longer be allowed to charge mobile callers with extra costs for calling premium rate contact numbers, such as 0900 numbers and other non-geographical phone numbers. This means that calling such a contact number by mobile will soon cost no more than a call to a standard local phone number. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has confirmed this ordinance last week (May 3, 2013).

The Ministry announced further changes in the world of premium rate numbers. At the moment it is still possible for Dutch companies to offer a 0900 number that charges callers a local call rate as well as an additional ‘information rate’ with various prices per minute. As of June 2014 this will no longer be allowed; the maximum information rate will be fixed at 1 euro per call. With these measures, the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, wants to prevent consumers from ending up with high telephone bills while calling a company of which they are a customer.

Hans Lasonder, CEO at TeleForwarding, in response to these measures: “It is a pity that, now and in the past, there are players within certain market segments that will charge callers with extreme costs without providing any kind of service in return. It is completely understandable that consumers are annoyed by this. Unfortunately, the government and other authorities are unable to deal with these players separately and are now taking measures that affect the good providers and companies as well. Only time will tell who will really be helped by these measures.”

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