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Our management gets the job done

TeleForwarding’s management is aware of how important (inbound) phone numbers are for your business impact and continuity.

By motivating and continuously raising the bar for employees and management alike, TeleForwarding ensures the highest quality (inter)national phone numbers and solutions. TeleForwarding’s management provides an innovative and stimulating workplace, where our employees get all the space and training they need to keep developing their skills.

Technological advancements continuously evolve telecommunication services. At TeleForwarding, we are fully aware of these constant developments and are always looking to provide our clients the latest facilities such as Voice2Mail, Fax2Mail and VoIP solutions. This enables us to always meet our customers’ latest wishes and demands.

To achieve excellence, Hans Lasonder, CEO of TeleForwarding, continuously pushes TeleForwarding and its employees to think outside the box. Our work ethic is synonymous to our motto: “Growth through personal development”.

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