International: +800 00123456 | USA: 1 855 444 3210

Our clients have names, not numbers

TeleForwarding is a multinational telecoms company specialized in offering inbound voice services across the globe.

For the past decade, our reliable national and international freephone numbers and innovative solutions have contributed to the growth of numerous businesses, establishing a determined and trusted brand with a strong commitment to high quality customer service. That’s who we are.

A win-win attitude
Better choice, better value
We are committed to providing excellent services in order to get the best results. Our (inter)national toll-free numbers and solutions enable your company to provide exceptional customer service, improve customer satisfaction and increase business outcome.

Customer focus
We care for our customers
We are committed to our clients, open to their ideas, and flexible to their requests. At TeleForwarding we guarantee we can provide the perfect solution for all your toll-free number needs.

Our behavior matches our mentality
We are ethical, act upon our principles, treat others with respect and create trust.

A sustainable company
A sustainable map guides us through every working day
At TeleForwarding, we don’t waste resources. We use green power for our paperless office, make us of a green billing systeem and work digitally as much as possible.

An added value based strategy
We are committed to building superior, long-term values for our stakeholders
By investing in cutting-edge technology, pushing the boundaries of innovation and continuously entering new markets, we devote ourselves to bringing real added value to both our clients and employees.

Know who we are, and let us become part of your professional team.

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