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Global coverage with our expanded phone number portfolio

Here at TeleForwarding we always strive to expand our services and offer our customers the best service possible. Therefore we are happy to announce that we have recently increased our global availability and added more countries to our already vast number portfolio. Global coverage…

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Stay ahead of your competition as a travel agency

Regardless the industry, markets are growing and so is the tourism sector - all the more with the increasing globalization. More players in the market could become competitors, whether it's the travel agency around the corner or the online booking.…

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Geographical Numbers

A local presence with geographical numbers

More and more companies use virtual landline numbers to be locally attainable for their customers from all over the world. But what exactly are virtual landline numbers, and, more importantly, how can these benefit your organization and customers? What are…

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Customer Service

Changes in customer service experience

You know as well as we do, one of the key indicators of business performance is… you guessed it... customer service. We recently came across this article on CNBC, which discusses customer service woes - aptly titled 'These start-ups let you skip…

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One source with cloud telecom service

Organizations that operate in various countries, and thus work with different telecom providers in each country, can run into some issues when numbers have to be coupled or connected with each other, for example when cross-border marketing actions have to…

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Fax your emails with Mail2Fax

Here at TeleForwarding we strongly believe that the traditional and reliable technologies we know so well go hand in hand with the latest developments in telecom. An example is the use of traditional telephony next to VoIP to ensure accessibility…

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Dangers Of Voip

The dangers of VoIP

Many people tend to think that internet telephony is a new technology, while it in fact has been around for years in one form or another. In fact, you may already be using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) without knowing…

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Switch To Voip

Make the switch to VoIP now

You have been following the developments regarding VoIP for a while now, and the time has to come to act on it and see if a switch to VoIP would truly be an asset for your organization. So, what are the…

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The future of telephony

Telephony has seen accelerated innovations the last 25 years, a development that was introduced with the advent of mobile telephony late last century. The introduction of the smartphone, some 10 years ago only gave a significant boost. The old-fashioned Bakelite…

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