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Digital Nomads

Digital nomads and the rise of remote working

Digital Nomads (DN): this term has become increasingly popular over the last few years and refers to people using communication technologies to earn a living while travelling the world. Just Google the term and you’ll find many blogs telling you…

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Technology Colonialism – A Summary

A while ago digital magazine Model View Culture published an interesting article that defines big technology companies as new colonialists. As a company active and interested in the tech industry, we believe this article raises valid points every tech company…

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New Geographical Numbers at TeleForwarding

At TeleForwarding we are always looking to expand our services and so we are happy to announce that we have been able to add several hundred new Local phone numbers, also called geographical numbers, to our number portfolio. Local phone…

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Telecommunications at the WSJ D Live Conference

The D Live conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal in California, is one of the largest conferences in tech. It prides itself to bring together CEOs, founders, pioneers and investors to talk about global technology. With the latest edition…

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Is Internet access a basic human right?

Who can still imagine living their lives without the Internet? Real-time travel apps guide us to a job we found through an online platform. The company we work for sells most of its products or services via their website. We…

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Voicemail – Yes or No?

The big players are phasing out voicemail A memo at Coca-Cola was released in November 2014 announcing the elimination of voicemail to “simplify the way [our employees] work and increase productivity”.   Instead of offering a voicemail service, incoming callers find…

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What the Smart Home is all about

Let me reiterate the title of this blog as a question: What is the smart home all about? Is it simply about the Amazon Dash button, allowing you to reorder products literally at the push of a button? Or coffee…

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Welcome to our new blog

Welcome! Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working hard for this moment: the launch of our new website and our new TeleForwarding blog! The world of blogging is an incredibly interesting and challenging place – and here we…

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Artificial Intelligence: Amelia and DeepMind

There have been a number of films released in the last couple of years covering the topic of Artificial Intelligence. 2013’s Her, for instance, where Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with the character in his cell phone (voiced by Scarlett…

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