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Local Presence for E-commerce Retailers

Business phone numbers in the time of dropshipping Think about all the time we spend these days sending threads upon threads of emails, taking calls, and attending Zoom-meetings. Days spent working from home tend to seem longer than those you…

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A Man Holds A Phone.

Communications amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

Health Crises and Corporate Communication Policies Amidst the struggles of the current corona virus pandemic, your trusted telecoms specialists at TeleForwarding wanted to send out a simple reminder: in uncertain times your comms policy is important. In this article, we highlight…

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How UIFN Numbers Benefit the Automotive Industry

Chances are that you drive a car and that your car is manufactured by a globally renowned automotive brand. One of the most important relationships is between car owner (or leaser) and the representatives of their automotive brand. Good customer…

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Toll Free Numbers For Customer Service In The Food Industry

Toll Free Numbers for Food Safety

Regulations around food safety are falling behind the exponential growth of the food production industry, leading to more and more calls about ingredients and food recalls. Food recalls due to allergens or even bacterias are becoming more prevalent than in the…

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Toll Free Numbers in Health Care

There are hundreds of ways that you can make use of toll free numbers to benefit your company’s customer service practices. Within the next weeks, we will show you some ways how companies can apply toll free numbers in different…

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Global coverage with our expanded phone number portfolio

Here at TeleForwarding we always strive to expand our services and offer our customers the best service possible. Therefore we are happy to announce that we have recently increased our global availability and added more countries to our already vast number portfolio. Global coverage…

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Stay ahead of your competition as a travel agency

Regardless the industry, markets are growing and so is the tourism sector - all the more with the increasing globalization. More players in the market could become competitors, whether it's the travel agency around the corner or the online booking.…

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Customer Service

Changes in customer service experience

You know as well as we do, one of the key indicators of business performance is… you guessed it... customer service. We recently came across this article on CNBC, which discusses customer service woes - aptly titled 'These start-ups let you skip…

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The Value of Customer Service

You know as well as we do, one of the key indicators of business performance is… you guessed it… customer service. Customer service is important to your business because it is often the only direct contact a customer has with…

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