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What is SIP Trunking?

Have you heard of SIP Trunking? For this week’s blog post, we put together a comprehensive overview of just that: what SIP Trunking is and its benefits for your organisation. What is SIP Trunking? Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a…

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An Empty Conference Room To Represent The Teleconference.

Using Conference Calls during Coronavirus Outbreak

Safe and Secure Business Solutions Face to face meetings are not the only option when conducting business, especially during a possible pandemic. Here's how you can continue to maintain collegial and client relationships, without travel. Teleconferencing with International Colleagues and…

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Corona Hotline

Hotline Numbers for Public Health Information

Amidst the struggles of the current corona virus pandemic, your trusted telecoms specialists at TeleForwarding are here to help. Here are a few ways you can help spread accurate public health safety information with free hotline numbers and virtual landline…

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From Planes back to Trains and Automobiles

In this instalment of the sustainability series, we thought it would be interesting to take a moment to take a closer look at air travel for business purposes. In the last post, we talked about the cost of carbon dioxide…

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Technology Colonialism – A Summary

A while ago digital magazine Model View Culture published an interesting article that defines big technology companies as new colonialists. As a company active and interested in the tech industry, we believe this article raises valid points every tech company…

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Telecommunications at the WSJ D Live Conference

The D Live conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal in California, is one of the largest conferences in tech. It prides itself to bring together CEOs, founders, pioneers and investors to talk about global technology. With the latest edition…

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Voicemail – Yes or No?

The big players are phasing out voicemail A memo at Coca-Cola was released in November 2014 announcing the elimination of voicemail to “simplify the way [our employees] work and increase productivity”.   Instead of offering a voicemail service, incoming callers find…

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What the Smart Home is all about

Let me reiterate the title of this blog as a question: What is the smart home all about? Is it simply about the Amazon Dash button, allowing you to reorder products literally at the push of a button? Or coffee…

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