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Local phone numbers with local area codes

  • A Local phone number for each city
  • Available in 3000+ cities worldwide
  • Customers call you at a national rate
  • Immediate activation
  • Including global call forwarding
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Establish a local presence with Local phone numbers

Local phone numbers look like a normal landline number and has a local area code. We offer Local phone numbers in over 3000 cities around the world and forward all incoming calls to the landline, mobile phone or IP address of your choice. This allows you to build a strong local presence for your company without having to set up local offices.

Your customers will recognize your Local phone number they can call at a local or national rate which creates trust and generates more calls. Our additional features such as Time of Day Routing and Voice2Mail enable you to handle incoming calls from different time zones effectively and further improve customer service.

We can activate your Local phone numbers immediately. They’re only one click away!

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An example

Say you are a London based business but also have clients in Ireland: with a Local phone number using the Dublin 01 area code you allow your clients to call you on an Irish Local phone number while you answer all incoming calls in your London office, or even on your mobile phone. Your customers won’t notice their calls are being forwarded and have the feeling they are talking to a local business. This way you can be local and international at the same time!

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