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Foreign Phone Numbers Of Great Value For The Transport Sector

Foreign phone numbers of great value for the transport sector

Good news for all the international truck drivers that stay abroad on a daily basis en have to make phone calls to the home front from where they are. From July 1st 2017 on European legislation forbids mobile providers to calculate extra costs for calling and using the internet abroad any more (within European member states).

Good news for all travelers that venture outside their borders and want to make calls from abroad! From July 1 2017 on European law forbids mobile providers to calculate extra costs for calling and using the internet abroad any more.

From now on mobile subscriptions will provide coverage against the standard tariff in all European member states. This means that calling the home front from all European member states will be settled within the call bundle, without extra costs. But be aware! When you’re abroad and calling with a local phone number (foreign phone numbers to you) then costs will be calculated.

Foreign phone numbers: save costs

All transport companies with foreign interests are wise to implement this new rule as cost saving for them and their drivers. Significant cost savings can be realized by connecting a separate phone number from the drivers’ home countries to each of the offices/partners. For instance a Dutch driver, that’s located within a European member state, makes a call to a German office on a Dutch phone number that’s connected to that German office and routes calls there. This phone contact falls within the costs of the driver’s call bundle, so no extra costs. In the same way a Polish driver calls with a Polish phone number that is also connected to, and routes to, that same German office, without any extra charges as well.

It simply a matter of onetime setup and then profit fully from this new legislation regarding calling from abroad. Want to know how? Contact us for more information take advantage of our special discount!

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