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Premium Rate Numbers

Let your customers pay to call you

  • For infotainment, entertainment and support hotlines
  • Premium rate numbers available in 30 countries
  • Choose your preferred rate
  • Generate revenues over the phone*
  • Including global call forwarding
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Premium rate numbers for your business

If you want to earn money by offering your services over the phone, premium rate phone numbers are the way to go.

Premium rate numbers mean that you are letting your customers pay to call you. This can be useful when you offer services over the phone that you don’t want to offer for free such as (technical) support, after hours support or consultancy or entertainment services.

How much revenue you can generate with a premium number depends on the call rate but is also determined by national rules and regulations. Premium rate numbers can currently be activated in around 30 countries worldwide and each country has its own type of premium numbers, its own range of call rates and its own rules and restrictions for the usage of these numbers.

Yes, the world of premium rate numbers is complex and complicated. For this reason, we only offer tailored premium solutions. Would you like to know whether or not premium rate numbers are a good match for your business? Click the button below!

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*Generating revenues is possible ONLY with specific types of premium rate numbers. Contact us for more information.

Premium rate – premium effort

Governments around the world are restricting the use of premium rate phone numbers by imposing limits on maximum call rates, call duration and payouts for these numbers. This can make your offering a premium rate number difficult and expensive. But don’t despair, there are profitable alternatives, such as virtual landlines or even freephone numbers. Let us advise you!

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