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  • unsurpassed support
  • trusted specialists
  • global coverage
  • all-in-one solution

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Minimum Effort

  • 100% line continuity
  • 100% controlled transfer
  • 100% free of charge
  • 100% our job

Porting phone number in 4 simple steps

  1. Porting phone number request here
  2. Receive a detailed competitive price proposition within 2 days
    EXTRA BONUS: if you tell us your current business phone numbers, countries & call volume estimate, we can immediately run the cost comparison and show you the savings
  3. Confirm your switch over to TeleForwarding and sign your contract
  4. Let us contact your provider(s) to port each business phone number and receive a service notification for each phone number to take immediate advantage of all the benefits and enjoy our global telecom services

Porting phone number – change providers and keep your business phone number!

The porting phone number process, whether for your 0800 numbers (toll free), 00800 numbers (freephone), or local phone numbers (virtual), is very easy. Are you looking to switch providers and keep your current business phone numbers? Then TeleForwarding is the best choice for you!

Porting phone number to TeleForwarding

We implement the number porting process behind the scenes, giving you 100% line continuity while we bring your numbers over to TeleForwarding. For decades, TeleForwarding remains your trusted specialist when it comes to 0800 numbers, 00800 numbers, and local phone numbers. We offer reliable telecom services and best in class experience.

TeleForwarding is a specialized global telecommunications service provider who cooperates with reputable Tier 1 providers to provide you with the best possible telecom services. We can guarantee you simple, effortless, and fast service for porting phone number.

Do you want to port your (foreign) local phone numbers? Port your 0800 numbers and/or 00800 numbers? No problem! TeleForwarding is the best choice! TeleForwarding makes porting phone number for your business possible from providers such as BT, Vodafone, KPN, Proximus, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and O2.

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