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Ordering a phone number at TeleForwarding is very easy. Just let us know what kind of number you want and in which countries you would like it set up and we’ll make you an attractive contract proposal. As soon as you sign the contract we’ll start the activation process – you won’t have to do a thing. Most of our numbers can be activated within just a few days or even hours, so you can start using your numbers almost immediately.

Request your Toll Free phone number(s), Freephone number(s), and/or Local phone number(s) today!

That depends on the type of number you order. Local phone numbers can usually be activated immediately. Toll Free phone numbers we have on stock can be activated within a few days, for new domestic and international freephone numbers it may take up to several days or weeks before a number is activated in all of the requested countries.

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No, not unless you tell them. All incoming calls will directly be forwarded to the chosen destination number via high quality phone lines. No matter whether we have to forward your calls around the world, or to the next city, your callers won’t notice any difference.

Yes, if you would like to switch to TeleForwarding but keep your current toll-free or local phone number, you can transfer these numbers to us via a process called porting. During the porting process your phone numbers will continue to be active so you won’t miss any calls.

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Yes, all our phone numbers, whether they are international freephone, domestic toll-free or virtual landline numbers, come with international call forwarding to any landline, mobile phone – and sometimes IP address –  in the world. International call forwarding to a landline is always included in the price.

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Some additional features, such as international call forwarding and the occasional change of destination numbers, are free of charge. For other features we charge an additional fee per month and/or per minute. Please contact us for the exact prices.

Yes! This is something that sets us apart from our competitors. No matter how small or big your business is and whether you order one or one hundred phone numbers, you will always get a personal account manager whom you can easily and directly contact with questions or in case of problems.

Every TeleForwarding client gets a personal account manager, your account manager is always your first point of contact for all your questions or problems. If you have general question regarding our services, please contact us via phone, email or by using the contact form on our website.

Most contracts we offer have a minimum contract period and a notice period of one month, which means you can cancel your contract one month before the contract end date. After the minimum contract period has ended you can cancel your contract anytime. If you would like to cancel your contract with TeleForwarding you can do so by contacting your account manager or by sending an e-mail to


We offer international Freephone numbers, domestic Toll Free phone numbers and Local phone numbers  in over 100 countries and 3000 cities worldwide. Our service always includes international call forwarding and in addition to this we offer special features, such as Voice2Mail or Time/Day Routing to help optimize the efficiency of your (inter)national phone numbers.

At TeleForwarding we offer so-called inbound phone numbers, the difference between inbound numbers and regular phone numbers is that inbound numbers allow you to receive calls but not to make calls. Our inbound numbers are also virtual which means that incoming call to these numbers can be forwarded to any landline, mobile phone, or in some cases IP address, around the world.

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International freephone numbers are also known as +800 numbers or UIFN. A +800 number can be set up in around 50 countries worldwide and in each of these countries the number has the same format (+800 XXXX XXXX) and can be called for free. Click here to see in which countries we currently offer UIFN.

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A domestic toll-free number is a toll-free number that can be set up in one single country and can be reached from within that entire country. In most European countries domestic toll-free numbers are known as 0800 numbers, these numbers are well-known and trusted and usually generate a lot of calls. We currently offer domestic toll-free numbers in over 100 countries worldwide.

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A virtual landline number, also known as a geographical or local phone number, looks like a normal landline number, has a local call prefix and can be called at a local rate. Because this number is virtual all incoming calls can be forwarded to any landline, mobile phone or IP address in the world.

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A premium rate number is a phone number that can be called at a pre-determined (premium) rate. Premium rate numbers usually offer information and entertainment services. Callers pay for the service offered through their phone bill.

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We offer international Freephone numbers, domestic Toll Free phone numbers and Local phone numbers in over 100 countries and 3000 cities around the world. Click here to see our full Global Coverage.

A vanity number is a number that is more than just a number sequence, the number also spells a word on your phone keypad, such as +800 CALL US NOW. Vanity numbers are easy to memorize and are a great marketing tool.

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No, there is no such thing as an international premium rate number. If you would like to be available via a premium rate number in several countries, you would need several national premium rate numbers. However, in most countries it is becoming increasingly difficult to set up premium rate numbers and for that reason we currently only offer premium rate numbers in a limited number of countries.

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No, domestic Toll Free phone numbers, known in most countries as 0800 numbers, are national phone numbers and can only be called from within one specific country. This means that if you want to be available via an 0800 number in the United Kingdom and France, for instance, that you need two separate 0800 numbers.

No, a premium rate number is always a national phone number and cannot be called from abroad. Contrary to what some people think, there is no such thing as an international premium rate number. However, it is possible to set-up several national premium numbers if you would like to offer your premium services in more than one country.

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No, you don’t need any special (and expensive) equipment in order to use our services. All you need is a landline or mobile phone number (or in some cases IP address) on which you would like to receive your incoming calls. If you order additional features you can also use our Online Dashboard that can be accessed online or downloaded to any desktop computer.

All Local Phone numbers and most Toll Free phone numbers can be reached from mobile networks. In the case of international Freephone numbers things are a bit more complicated. In some countries +800 numbers can always be reached from mobile networks, but there are countries that block mobile calls to +800 numbers. In addition to this, it is also possible that individual mobile providers choose to block mobile calls to +800 numbers or will charge extra for them. Please contact us for detailed information about the mobile availability of +800 numbers.

Yes, incoming calls to your international freephone, domestic toll-free or virtual landline number can be forwarded to a mobile phone anywhere in the world. For call forwarding to a mobile phone we have to charge a surcharge, please contact us to find out the exact pricing.

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All our virtual landline numbers can be routed to VoIP/IP. Currently, calls to your international freephone and domestic toll-free numbers can only be forwarded to IP in specific cases. To find out more about routing to IP, please contact us.


Yes, this is called sequential ringing. With sequential ringing we can forward calls to several different phones or phone numbers in a pre-determined order. For instance: you run a technical support hotline and want your incoming calls forwarded first to your call centre, then to your technical department and if nobody answers to your mechanic’s mobile phone. Of course this is just one example of how sequential ringing could help your business.

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That depends on the kind of number you order. Most of our freephone and toll-free numbers have unlimited speech channels, which means that, as long as your own phone lines can handle high call volumes, you can receive an unlimited number of simultaneous calls.

Our virtual landline numbers may have limited speech channels, please contact us for the specific number of speech channels we can offer on all our inbound phone numbers.

If you don’t have a fax machine but would still like to be able to receive faxes, our Fax2Mail feature is just the thing for you. Our Fax2Mail feature converts incoming faxes on your freephone or local number to a PDF file and sends the file to the email address(es) you specify.

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Voice2Mail is a smart voicemail feature that converts incoming voicemails into audio files (.wav). These audio files are then forwarded to the email address(es) you specify.

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Yes we do! DTMF, or Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency, tones transmit telephone signals typed in via the telephone keypad. These signals can be picked up and interpreted by our telephone software thereby creating an interactive voice response (IVR). Would you like to know more about DTMF or IVR? Have a look at our Glossary.

Not yet, although we see that VoIP is becoming increasingly important, we also know that the quality of calls made via VoIP is not yet as high as we want it to be. Because we want to ensure the highest call quality we route all calls via the PSTN, the standard landline network, by default. However, in some cases, and for virtual landline numbers, we can deliver calls to your VoIP connection – contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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Yes, it’s possible to add one or more fallback destination numbers to your account that can automatically be activated in case there is a problem with your regular destination number. We also offer fallback phone numbers for the rare case that there is a problem with your toll-free or virtual landline numbers.

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In order to save the environment we send all our invoices via email. You will receive your invoice as a PDF-file. If you prefer to receive your invoice in another format or via regular mail, please contact our finance department at

Each month you will receive one TeleForwarding invoice that clearly displays how many calls have been made to each of your Toll Free phone numbers, Freephone numbers or Local phone numbers, we even specify whether calls have been made with landline or mobile phones. If you have ordered additional technical services these will also be specified. In other words: our invoices are clear, complete and transparent and you will be able to see exactly what you are paying for.

Our standard payment method is by bank transfer. For clients in several countries within the EU we also offer payment options via direct debit. For clients outside of the EU it is possible to pay via a deposit in order to limit bank costs. Please contact our financial department to the discuss the payment options available to you.

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