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Brick Wall With A Caution Sign To Warn About Paid Call Forwarding Service

Offer an 800 number to eliminate the need for a paid call forwarding service

Warning!! Don’t let your brand image be harmed by the growing presence of hidden costs from a third-party company’s call forwarding service

The most obvious way to keep your customers happy is to simply be available and easily accessible to them. In reality, not everyone chooses to do so which leads to far too many third-party companies offering services directing callers to a paid call forwarding service to find and connect them to the company that calling customers are looking for.

A recent Dutch study about this phenomenon found that three out of four calling customers have no idea that they are actually paying to call a call forwarding service. Moreover, an estimated USD 1.50 was spent per household on a paid call forwarding service in 2020.

Brick wall with caution sign to warn about paid call forwarding service

Make sure your website builder posts your 800 number visibly!

When you hire a website builder for your company’s domestic and international sites, make sure you offer easy and quick access to a local 800 number. This shows you care about your website visitors and that you are a bonafide webshop in a sea of malafide webshops – a distinction that has led to more and more countries requiring webshops to provide easy access to their contact numbers and/or chat functions.

Your website builder should have the skills to build a site for each country where you have visitor and/or clients and, preferably, present a domestic 800 number that is clearly stated in the footer of on your contact page. With a clearly published 800 number, your customers won’t be forced to make use of a call forwarding service anymore.

Finally, high customer satisfaction and great client loyalty will result by making your company better and more easily accessible providing a domestic 800 number per country. Your domestic and foreign clients will close deals faster and your company could take advantage of cross- and upsell opportunities offering free of charge access for your happy clients who will come back for more.

TeleForwarding can help you make this happen with an one-stop shop telecom provider for business phone numbers in over 100 countriesall under one contract and without needing foreign addresses. We’ll make sure your customers’ experience is hassle-free, by connecting global business to local people!

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