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TeleForwarding is your one-stop shop solution for creating local and global presences

E-commerce Retailers

Boost your business with local (virtual) presence

Benefits for E-commerce Retailers

Using local phone numbers

  • will drive visitors to click & stay rather than run away
  • strengthens trust due to local connection
  • increases revenue & customer satisfaction
  • creates easy local access for all your websites

Manage your numbers centrally

  • to start or grow with the ease of a single global partner
  • for all your websites with 1 invoice in 1 currency
  • with unsurpassed support for all adds/moves/changes
  • live in hours rather than days

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Your one-stop shop solution for creating local and global presences

Trust & Proximity Increase Customer Satisfaction & Sales

These days, online customers will assess the validity of an e-commerce retailer by making a phone call before making their purchase online. Furthermore, there are regulations in certain countries that require you to provide your customers with easy access via phone or chat. Giving customers the local feel and access shows that you are trustworthy and that you care.

Your foreign customers are quicker to call local phone numbers than foreign ones. Modern technology allows you to create a local presence in foreign countries and make central managing easy with TeleForwarding. You no longer need to find providers in every country where you want to be visible. Nowadays, you can request virtual local numbers via TeleForwarding. You can even transfer existing numbers to be managed through TeleForwarding without any effort. This way you save costs and benefit from all-in-one support features from experienced service experts who care about your business: small, medium or large.

Local Presence for E-commerce Retailers

TeleForwarding: Global Specialist in Local Phone Numbers

TeleForwarding cooperates with reputable Tier 1 providers to provide you with the best possible service. We can guarantee you simple, effortless, and fast activation of new phone numbers and/or transfer of your existing phone numbers.

Do you want to activate new or port your (foreign) Local phone numbers? No problem! TeleForwarding is the best choice. We make it possible to activate new numbers and/or port your existing business phone numbers from your current providers.

One Contact

One Contract

One Currency

One Language

One Service Level Agreement

One SEPA Payment

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