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In order to save the environment we send all our invoices via email. You will receive your invoice as a PDF-file. If you prefer to receive your invoice in another format or via regular mail, please contact our finance department at

Each month you will receive one TeleForwarding invoice that clearly displays how many calls have been made to each of your Toll Free phone numbers, Freephone numbers or Local phone numbers, we even specify whether calls have been made with landline or mobile phones. If you have ordered additional technical services these will also be specified. In other words: our invoices are clear, complete and transparent and you will be able to see exactly what you are paying for.

Our standard payment method is by bank transfer. For clients in several countries within the EU we also offer payment options via direct debit. For clients outside of the EU it is possible to pay via a deposit in order to limit bank costs. Please contact our financial department to the discuss the payment options available to you.

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