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Ordering a phone number at TeleForwarding is very easy. Just let us know what kind of number you want and in which countries you would like it set up and we’ll make you an attractive contract proposal. As soon as you sign the contract we’ll start the activation process – you won’t have to do a thing. Most of our numbers can be activated within just a few days or even hours, so you can start using your numbers almost immediately.

Request your Toll Free phone number(s), Freephone number(s), and/or Local phone number(s) today!

That depends on the type of number you order. Local phone numbers can usually be activated immediately. Toll Free phone numbers we have on stock can be activated within a few days, for new domestic and international freephone numbers it may take up to several days or weeks before a number is activated in all of the requested countries.

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No, not unless you tell them. All incoming calls will directly be forwarded to the chosen destination number via high quality phone lines. No matter whether we have to forward your calls around the world, or to the next city, your callers won’t notice any difference.

Yes, if you would like to switch to TeleForwarding but keep your current toll-free or local phone number, you can transfer these numbers to us via a process called porting. During the porting process your phone numbers will continue to be active so you won’t miss any calls.

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Yes, all our phone numbers, whether they are international freephone, domestic toll-free or virtual landline numbers, come with international call forwarding to any landline, mobile phone – and sometimes IP address –  in the world. International call forwarding to a landline is always included in the price.

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Some additional features, such as international call forwarding and the occasional change of destination numbers, are free of charge. For other features we charge an additional fee per month and/or per minute. Please contact us for the exact prices.

Yes! This is something that sets us apart from our competitors. No matter how small or big your business is and whether you order one or one hundred phone numbers, you will always get a personal account manager whom you can easily and directly contact with questions or in case of problems.

Every TeleForwarding client gets a personal account manager, your account manager is always your first point of contact for all your questions or problems. If you have general question regarding our services, please contact us via phone, email or by using the contact form on our website.

Most contracts we offer have a minimum contract period and a notice period of one month, which means you can cancel your contract one month before the contract end date. After the minimum contract period has ended you can cancel your contract anytime. If you would like to cancel your contract with TeleForwarding you can do so by contacting your account manager or by sending an e-mail to

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