International: +800 00123456 | USA: 1 855 444 3210

Many people ask us whether we also offer international premium rate numbers. Unfortunately, we cannot. The reason for this is that there simply is no international premium rate number. Premium rate numbers are national numbers and can only be called from within one country and not from abroad.

We do offer the possibility to activate national premium rate numbers in around 30 countries worldwide. So if you would like to offer a premium rate number for your customers in two countries,  the UK and the Netherlands for instance, we can set-up two different premium numbers for you and forward all incoming calls to the destination of your choice.

In many European countries premium rate numbers have a 0900 prefix and are also known as 0900 numbers. Most countries have very strict rules and regulations regarding the use of 0900 or premium rate numbers: the maximum call rate, call duration and profit, for example, can highly differ per country. For this reason it may not always be profitable to offer a premium rate number. But don’t despair, we are happy to advise you based on your specific needs.

So if you’re thinking about offering your information hotline or entertainment services via a premium rate number, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. You can use our contact form or call us on one of the following numbers:

Landline (International): +31 20 208 1200
Freephone (International): +800 00123456
Toll-Free (USA): 1 855 444 3210

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