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With sequential ringing calls can be forwarded to different phones (for instance your landline and mobile phone) or phone numbers (for instance in a call centre) in a pre-determined sequence. While the sequential ringing service searches for an attendant to answer the phone, the caller is kept in an audio menu where you could provide him/her with a personal message or music. As soon as somebody picks up the phone, the forwarding sequence stops. If nobody answers the phone we can forward the caller to a voicemail service where he/she can leave a message.

Sequential ringing vs. simultaneous ringing

You may also have heard of simultaneous ringing, with simultaneous ringing we can forward incoming calls to several phones at the same time (simultaneously) rather than in a pre-determined order. Simultaneous ringing can be practical if you want to be available on both your landline and mobile phone or on two different locations at the same time. It is also possible to combine sequential and simultaneous ringing.

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