International: +800 00123456 | USA: 1 855 444 3210

A vanity number is a toll-free or freephone number that spells a word with its number sequence, but how does this work?

Next to the numbers on your telephone keypad you can also see 3 letters of the alphabet, this means that each number can represent three different letters (the keys for 1 and 0 do not have any corresponding letters). So, if you would like to spell the word 0800 CALL US, you need the following number sequence: 0800 2255 87. This process is also referred to as phone spelling.

It pays off to take some time to think of the perfect vanity number for your company, because a vanity number can be a very powerful marketing tool. For most people number sequences are more difficult to remember than one or two simple words. So if you incorporate your company name in your phone number, (+800 TAXICABS, for instance), people will be more likely to remember your phone number and company and call you the moment they need your products or services.

Not every type of phone number can become a vanity number; international freephone numbers are ideal vanity numbers. An international freephone number, also called UIFN, can be freely chosen via our UIFN search engine, which means you can easily find out whether your preferred number is still available. Try to be creative, if your chosen vanity number is taken, you might still find word combinations such as “call+company name”, “buy+product name”, “we+service” etc. Furthermore, as a UIFN is an international number, you can get one single vanity number for all your marketing campaigns worldwide. Now that is what we call an effective marketing tool!

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