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Does this sound familiar: You have organised a telephone conference for an important meeting with your business partners, but the quality of the connection is so poor you have to postpone the meeting. Or you were making a sales call and all of sudden the call got disconnected.

Despite the many advantages of the Internet,  Internet telephony or VoIP is not always the best solution for business phone communications. Private in-house IP networks usually provide a high quality and secure connection. However, the open or public IP networks are often unstable and subjected to several security risks when it comes to making VoIP phone calls.

The reason behind this is the technology used for VoIP communication: when you make a VoIP call your voice is sent over the internet as a data package, however, this data package is cut in several small pieces. Along the way to its destination some pieces might get lost or transmitted via slightly slower channels which means that your ‘voice package’ no longer forms one synchronous whole. This is what creates that typical VoIP sound. Moreover, the fact that this voice package is sent via the public Internet network means it is highly subjective to attacks from hackers.

With a PSTN phone line the problems mentioned above do not occur. Furthermore, even in this Internet age, the PSTN is still more widely available around the world than a stable Internet connection. For this reason TeleForwarding keeps on using the PSTN network for most of its call forwarding.

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