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The Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency tones (DTMF tones) system transmits telephone signaling sounds that are typed in via the keypad of the telephone. DTMF tones are used for telephone signaling over the telephone line to the telephone menu (call switching center) that recognizes the typed number and executes a programmed command. Inside the telephone network other multi-frequency systems are used.

TeleForwarding supports DTMF tones and can therefore establish programmed telephone menus without any equipment.

Possibilities of DTMF systems

By way of example with DTMF systems you can let the caller choose between different options in a telephone menu: “Choose 1 for technical support, Choose 2 for questions about your invoice, etc.”. When implemented and programmed well,  a DTMF system can optimize your telecommunication system and help you save time. In a nutshell,  DTMF tones can make your telephone menu much more efficient.

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