International: +800 00123456 | USA: 1 855 444 3210

Continuous availability is always important for any company which is why at TeleForwarding we work very hard every day to make sure your freephone, toll-free and local virtual numbers are always working with the highest service quality.

Even so, for some companies it is crucial their phone lines (for instance emergency hotlines) can be reached at all times and for this purpose we offer several fallback (or backup) solutions to allow these companies a guaranteed 100% availability.

First of all, we offer the option of adding fallback destination numbers to your account. These can be set up in such a way that your inbound calls are automatically being forwarded to your backup destination number in case the regular destination number doesn’t work. We can set up as many fallback destination numbers as you need.

We also have several failover routing systems in place to be able to ensure a 99% service guarantee for your toll-free or local phone numbers. Even so, technology can sometimes fail and for the rare case that it does we offer you the option to add additional toll-free or landline numbers to your account that can immediately be activated in case there is a problem with your main toll-free number. We also offer PSTN fallback numbers for those clients working with VoIP.

With these fallback options you can be sure to be available to all your national and international clients 24/7.

For more information regarding fallback numbers and routing you can contact us by using the contact form on our website or by calling one of the following numbers:

Landline (International): +31 20 208 1200
Freephone (International): +800 00123456
Freephone (USA): 1 855 444 3210

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