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At TeleForwarding you don’t need a fax machine to be able to receive faxes – our Fax2Mail feature converts incoming faxes to PDF files and sends these directly to your email address. The PDF format makes it easy to save and forward your incoming faxes, which helps you to save paper too.

So, is there anything else you need to set up a Fax2Mail system?

Not really: in order to be able to use the Fax2Mail feature you need two things:

  1. A TeleForwarding freephone, toll-free or local fax number
  2. An email address

It’s as simple as that!

Would you like to know more or set up a Fax2Mail system right away? Contact us by filling out our contact form or give us a call at:

Landline (International): +31 20 208 1200
Freephone (International): +800 00123456
Toll-Free (USA): 1 855 444 3210

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