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With an international phone line of TeleForwarding you can set up one universal international freephone number (UIFN) as a global customer hotline. Standardize your telecommunication system and get rid of the huge amount of different numbers worldwide by using one international number. Check here for the availability of UIFN worldwide.

Advantages of an international phone line as a customer hotline

With an international phone line (UIFN) as a customer hotline, multinational companies can unify their global telecommunications infrastructure and customer contact. There are many advantages, such as:

  • Only one number to be communicated on packaging
  • All customers can call the number for free
  • Only one number for promotional material
  • Only one number on internet page, business cards and notepaper
  • When changing your landline, the international phone line stays untouched (call forwarding to the new number)

These are only some examples of advantages of an international phone line. By adapting the telecommunication system of your international phone line to your needs you can think of many more.

How can businesses distinguish the incoming calls of an international phone line?

The system of TeleForwarding recognizes the country from which the caller is calling. Based on this information the caller receives a greeting in his national language while being forwarded to the landline of the responsible department or employee in your company.

Possibilities and requirements for an international phone line

If you establish an international phone line, you can add many automated solutions in order to increase efficiency. For these solutions you don’t need any hardware (except a regular landline or mobile phone).

Solutions to increase efficiency

These solutions can help increase the efficiency of your international phone line:

With time/date routing you can establish in advance at which time which subsidiary receives calls according to the respective opening hours. An international phone line can even distinguish between smaller geographical regions, the concern of the customer and/or key accounts by applying a telephone menu. With TeleForwarding these telephone menus can be tailor-made according to your personal needs. These are only a few examples of the possibilities of an international phone line.

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