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How to Alleviate Stress Using Telephony

Series on Mental Health
1. Stress and Mental Health – An Introduction
2. Stress and Burnout in a Workaholic Society
3. Stress, E-mails, and Going Back to Basics
4. Back to Basics: Phones and conference calls
5. How to Alleviate Stress Using Telephony

In the last month, we explained what causes stress at work and the symptoms of burnout. We hope that knowing more about what causes burnout will help you to mitigate this problem within your businesses.

Workplace stress happens when employees are feeling overworked and not properly supported. Feelings of anxiety, depression take a toll on one’s physical health. Employees with too much stress are often considered to have job burnout: where they are too overwhelmed by their responsibilities and their health declines.

In this series, we outlined one of the biggest workplace stressors: the amount of time and energy spent on e-mails.

How can our telephony services help you solve this problem?

Our telecommunication services can help your employees reduce stress and facilitate their work life by various means. Here are some examples:


Implement conference calls with your in- and out-of-office employees. Interactive project management, interoffice consulting, progress updates, fine-tuning and finalizing can all be done quickly and effectively over the phone. Deals can be done quicker in a conference call than having cross-country meetings. This can be done easily by setting up local numbers for everyone involved in a project’s process.

Making the most of virtual PBX

By shifting the time spent on sending e-mails to phone calls and narrowcasting within your company’s virtual PBX phone system, you can help to destress your employees. Voice recorded messages can help to unburden colleagues and employees from the overload of e-mails and instant messages they receive on an hourly basis.

  • Offer a pre-recorded message at the start of each week for employees to phone in and listen to when it is convenient for them. In time-sensitive situations, record a message to be accessed only by those who need the information. This helps both the creator of the voice message who does not have to write a long email as well as the receiver who doesn’t have to deal with another e-mail.
  • Even more, give your employees the freedom to create their own, clear boundaries around their availability when connected to the virtual PBX system. This can be done through time-date routing, where employees can leave pre-recorded messages to re-route phone calls if they are working on a particularly important project.

We can help you set up conference call, local phone numbers and a PBX system to make this happen company-wide, or even by department or team. Contact us today and let us know what issues you’re facing with your internal communications, and let us help you find the perfect solution!

For more information, read up on our Series on Stress and Mental Health to learn more about how your employees might be affected by stress in the workplace and what symptoms stress may cause.

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