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Number Porting in 4 Simple Steps

Number Porting has never been so simple!

You might ask yourself What is number porting? Well, it’s a process that allows you to switch your provider and keep your current business phone numbers! TeleForwarding makes porting a phone number simple. With the help of our trusted specialists, the number porting process is a seamless transition with minimum efforts, no volume thresholds, and maximum impact!

In the video below, we explain the number porting process in 4 simple steps.

Are you always dealing with recurring issues with your Telecom provider, tired of unexpected changes in your account management, and struggling to get new routing in place for your toll free numbers and geographical phone numbers?

If so, you should know that there is a better solution within reach. It’s called ‘porting’. There are several good reasons to switch providers and port your toll free numbers and geographical phone numbers to TeleForwarding realizing maximum impact and – even better with minimum effort.

You can simply keep your phone numbers but switch the underlying service from a process-driven, Telecom provider to TeleForwarding. A customer-driven niche specialist who smartly bundles the services of well-known Tier 1 providers. With TeleForwarding, you get a one-stop shop solution across all lines & countries from one transparent contract, to one invoice with one currency and one Service Level Agreement. This is amplified by the best in class experience provided by trusted specialists who really stay on top of things.

The four-step process to switch your toll free numbers and geographical phone numbers is super simple, effortless for you, and ensures 100% line continuity. That’s the expertise we bring to you

1.Just start by requesting your porting proposal today!
2.You will receive a competitive price proposition within 48 hours.
3.Read it over thoroughly, then simply sign the contract; that gives us permission to port all numbers on your behalf.
4.Once your numbers are live with TeleForwarding, you’ll receive a notification from us.

So why wait? Request your porting proposal today!

–About TeleForwarding International—

TeleForwarding is an international telecom provider with 25+ years of experience in the field. Our trusted specialists provide personalized support to ensure the best in class experience. TeleForwarding is a one-stop-shop for all your telecoms needs.

Switch to TeleForwarding today and transform your life:

  • Guaranteed lower prices (up to 40% cost savings)
  • No cost switching
  • Guaranteed service continuity (99.999% availability!)
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