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Virtual Phone Numbers Call Forwarding To A Softphone App

Virtual phone numbers call forwarding to a softphone app on individual employees’ smartphones, how does it work?

Many organisations offer their employees the opportunity to work at different locations. Although everyone can be reached by mobile phone these days, this form of mobile telephone accessibility often does not fit in with business operations and an optimal Customer Experience (CX).

In this blog, we show you how to optimise your business telephone accessibility by redirecting virtual landline numbers to a softphone app on the smartphone.

What are the advantages of virtual phone number forwarding to a softphone app on mobile?

First of all, a landline number gives a better business image compared to mobile numbers. In addition, these landline numbers are directly linked to a region (area code) or to a country (national number). For many organisations, this image is an important factor in persuading customers to do business with them.

In order to maintain these advantages and to combine them with employees who want and need to work flexibly, it is now possible virtual numbers call forwarding to a softphone app on a mobile, necessary for maintaining good telephone accessibility. When calling a landline number from a smartphone (see below how this works), customers see an incoming call from the landline number. This also contributes to the trust of a professional company.

Virtual landline numbers have another big advantage: you can also forward foreign landline numbers. For callers from abroad, this avoids extra international call charges and you retain the desired local appearance & telephone accessibility to the local market.

How does fixed-to-mobile call forwarding work?

  • Install a free softphone app on your smartphone
  • Configure one or more (inter)national virtual phone numbers forwarding to your softphone app on your smartphone
  • Use the app for both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Choose which phone number to call in advance and the called person will see the chosen number
    on the display

Important to know is that the mobile number will always be available as it is now.

Bonus benefits for employers

  • As an employer, you can have several consecutive identical numbers (number ranges) that are used
    by different employees.
  • If you do business internationally, you can request a number per country for each employee and
    have all of these (inter)national virtual phone numbers call forwarding to the softphone app.

What about the call charges when using (inter)national virtual phone numbers in a softphone app?

  • Incoming calls to a number in the Softphone app are free for domestic calls.
    Example: Calls from Belgium to a Belgian number are free in the Softphone app.
  • Incoming calls to a number in the softphone app from abroad are not free.
    Example: Calls from Belgium to a Dutch number are not free in the Softphone app.
  • Outgoing calls via the Softphone app are also not free, however the costs are significantly lower
    than the standard rates for (inter)national calls.
  • Calls to your mobile number are subject to the conditions of your call bundle and the called person
    sees your mobile number in the display.

Would you like to know if local/national virtual phone number forwarding could be interesting for you or your company? Please contact us and let us inform you about the possibilities.


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