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Postal code routing, also referred to as postcode routing or zip code routing, distinguishes your callers according to their national postcodes.

This process is highly time saving in workaday life, because your employees do not lose any time by putting a caller through to the correct regional department or subsidiary. Postal code routing ensures the caller is connected to the respective department or subsidiary right away.

How does postal code routing work?

Postal code routing uses an IVR (Interactive Voice Response). The IVR asks the caller to choose his or her country by pressing a specific key on the keypad of his telephone. IVR recognizes the key by means of DTMF tones. As soon as a choice for a country has been registered, postal code routing comes into play. During the next step IVR asks to type in the postal code. IVR compares the postal code with a postal code routing database and prompts the respective forwarding. The caller will then be connected to the respective subsidiary, department or person.

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